School Council

school council - bbc school report

Our School Council consists of representatives from both upper and lower school. We meet once a week to discuss all sorts of school issues. School Council is important because it gives students a chance to voice their opinions and to raise awareness of things that effect students that staff may otherwise be unware of. Some examples of things that School Council discusses are trips and holidays, school dinners and displays.

Some changes that School Council has made are the displays are more sensory, with things to feel and hear as well as see. We have also made sure that the outdoor equipment is properly looked after so that everyone can enjoy using it. We have had meetings with the Head Teacher as well as other members of staff to discuss a variety of topics. Every month we write a newsletter to tell the rest of the school what we have been talking about and what issues we have resolved. At the end of each term we award a member of staff the School Council Award.

We have recently become part of BBC School Report and have started learning about gathering and broadcasting news.