Move Centre of Excellence


Ivy House School has been recognised as a MOVE Centre of Excellence and is accredited with the MOVE Quality Mark.


The MOVE programme and the physical curriculum at Ivy House place movement at the centre of learning.

Being able to move allows us to learn much more effectively.
The MOVE Programme is designed to help families, educators and therapists work together toward specific goals for each individual pupil.

MOVE is activity-based, giving the pupils many opportunities to improve their sitting, standing and walking skills while participating in activities of daily living.

We teach & practice motor skills which:
•  are age appropriate
•  are valuable now and in adulthood
•  increase the opportunities to access the community
•  are needed for the development of other skills

We consider every waking hour to be learning time and use every opportunity to practice skills within meaningful activities.

Motivation is the key to success. Pupils are encouraged to use their growing and developing skills throughout both work and play. Aspiration goals are set with families, for pupils to promote physical development through regular practice.

The MOVE Programme is not prescriptive or a therapy technique. At Ivy House professionals from health and education work collaboratively to ensure each pupil has the support they need. MOVE activities across the school are supported by 3 MOVE trainers, with practitioners and senior practitioners in every class.

MOVE Centre of Excellence (CoEs) status is awarded to those schools operating the MOVE Programme to a model standard. They are an exemplar of best practice and provide long term continuity for the programme on a local and national level. (more)