Move Centre of Excellence


At Ivy House School we participated in the themed MOVE days. Each year the MOVE Partnership hold a day of celebration based around a theme. We have our own MOVE trophy which is presented on an annual basis.

2009: Strictly MOVE was won by the pupils from Secondary 2 with their Blues Brothers Dance.

2010: MOVE world cup won by Secondary 3 following a penalty shootout.

2011: Pirate MOVE, visitors came from the MOVE Partnership to present us with their award for the day. Our school trophy was won by the Foundation class.

2012: MOVE in Space, aliens, planets and galaxies far away!

2013: MOVE at the movies. Each class made their own film and we celebrated with MOVE Oscars and a premier film show.

2014: Move on Safari. We like to MOVE it MOVE it, swampy safari fun!

2015: MOVE to the beat. Highland reels, Zumba, action songs and Bollywood.

2016: MOVE on Midsummer Madness

2017: Move on holiday. every child accessed a suitable activity linked to holidays such as skiing and an exotic beach break